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Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Sailboat Mast Pole For Spinnaker

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Future

Material: Carbon Fiber+Epoxy Resin

Appearance: 3kTwill/Plain Weave

Surface Treatment: Glossy/ Matte

Applications: Custom Sail Boat Parts

Feature: Lightweight/High Stiffness

Technology: Filament Winding +CNC Machining

Product Description


        Our company specializes in the production of carbon fiber masts, with various common models in stock, and can be customized according to customer requirements. The conventional packaging method is: one carton per five sets, free delivery of lids, free laser marking (no MOQ) . The MOQ of carbon fiber mast is 5 sets, different models can be mixed. Please contact our staff for more information.

       Sailing masts are generally divided into 3 levels: FLX100, FLX65 and FLX40.

How to produce surfwind carbon fiber mast pole? 

       All carbon fiber masts produced by Future composites are made with a winding process to ensure precise control of the yarn preload and perfect infiltration of the yarn by the resin (avoiding defects caused by interlayer air bubbles that may occur in the coiling process ). The masts are produced with precisely controlled camber and bend curves to fit all brands of sailboats on the market. High-grade masts have higher carbon fiber content to reduce mast weight and significantly improve response speed and overall performance.

1 filament wounding carbon fiber tube

What is the carbon fiber winding process?

        The carbon fiber winding molding process is that the winding machine pre-sets the program through the computer, and a group of prepreg yarns are accurately prepared on the pre-designed circular mold to form a molding process with a high degree of mechanization of composite products. Each type of mast corresponds to a separate yarn laying program, which precisely winds carbon fibers at different angles, while the yarn tension and other corresponding parameters interact to achieve the required product bending curve. Only the winding process provides The precise angle winding solution of the yarn with preload can solve the huge torsion problem in the movement of the sailboat mast.

        The advantage of the winding process is that the pre-tightening force of the yarn can be maintained throughout the molding process, so that all carbon fibers can share the force of the product at the same time, thereby better exerting the performance of this new material. Another advantage of the winding process is that it can match different resin systems for carbon fibers according to the needs of special working conditions, so as to meet some special requirements such as flame retardant, high temperature resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

       The mechanized production method can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs while ensuring stable product quality. According to the needs of different customers, we design different layers and winding methods, so that your pipe not only has super performance but also has a unique appearance. If you refuse to be mediocre and monotonous, choose winding, because winding brings your product to life!

2 dry wet filament wonding processing method

1) Dry winding

        The main raw material of the carbon fiber tube made by the dry winding process is carbon fiber prepreg yarn. The raw material is first placed on the winding machine for heating, softened and sticky, and then placed on the core mold for winding. The production of prepreg allows precise control of the formulation,

       Therefore, it is easier to control the stability of product quality. This method of production is very efficient。In addition, the production environment is clean and hygienic, the product quality is relatively high, the cost is low, and the shearing degree between the fiber layers is low.

2) Wet winding

        After thoroughly infiltrating the carbon fiber tow in the resin,Through the control of tension, it is continuously wound on the steel core mold of the carbon fiber tube.Wet winding is the mainstream way to make carbon fiber tubes, which has the following advantages: economical process,It can greatly reduce the production cost; the internal sealing effect of the product is good, and the internal air is squeezed out,It can greatly reduce the porosity of the product; the carbon fiber fiber layout is balanced and flat; there is resin lubrication,During the production process, the wear of carbon fiber can be reduced, and the production speed is fast.The disadvantages are: there will be a certain waste of resin raw materials; it is difficult to control the precision of the product; the selectivity of the matrix is low.

Carbon Fiber Mast Sourcing Recommendations:

        RDM masts are compatible with the curves of SDM masts. Choose an RDM mast for softer, longer lasting and comfortable feeling. Choose an SDM mast for faster response, more stability and a more precise feel.For competitive sails we recommend the SDM mast.

4 how to choose surfboard carbon fiber mast pole

Curvature Recommendations

1) Flex top top curved mast The advantage of this type of mast is that it is easy to make the canvas float, and use the wind direction to glide, which is suitable for high-end players and surfers.

2) Constant curve This is a mast with a curved middle, which is more in line with the needs of most people, and is more suitable for grape players and beginners. Most of the products on the market are this type of mast.

3)Head top This is a lower curved mast, which is not suitable for ordinary players.

Mast parameter table


Tooling list

       To perform at your best, you need the best tools. State-of-the-art Towpreg wrapping used in aerospac. Winding technology can now be used to enhance our windsurfing. Highest performance mast designed/manufactured in China.The performance of the world's best sails can be maximized! The Towpreg mast produced by our company uses high.The performance aviation grade Towpreg makes the lightest, yet strongest mast possible on the market.Time to update your mast.

        Our race masts are specially designed for NeilPryde race sails, including the EVO series. through and developed in collaboration with our international testing team, our masts are lighter and more responsive than original branded products Faster and stronger. Using the world's leading winding technology, high-performance carbon fiber prepreg yarn imported from Japan, our the NP17 series masts will definitely help you get the maximum performance of your sails and increase the power output efficiency to get fastest response, more stable handling and higher speed.

Custom mast logo

1) Water transfer sticker

      It is composed of imported epoxy stickers and special customized inks. The water transfer stickers will be cured in the resin layer. After curing, they will be integrated with the product, not easy to fall, bump resistance, and strong weather resistance. The MOQ for a single model is 50 sets.

2) Laser engraving machine

      It can laser engrave the customer's trademark, mast model, factory code and other content required by the customer. There is no requirement for the MOQ, and it is provided free of charge. AI or PDF format drawings are required.

6 logo printing for carbon fiber mast pole

Laser marking + water transfer sticker

Mast factory test

       For several parts of the mast that are relatively easy to break, we designed a special machine for testing, and obtained the corresponding quality certification.

7 filament winding carbon fiber pole testing

Testing Equipment

Packaging scene:

8 carbon fiber windsurfing sailboat mast pole


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