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Custom Frame Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Parts Factory

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Future

Material: Carbon Fiber+Epoxy Resin

Appearance: UD/3K weave

Surface Treatment: Glossy/ Matte

Applications: Medical parts

Feature: High Strength/ Light Weight

Technology: Molding press tech

Product Description

The complexity and flexibility of the wheelchair movement mechanism require that the material of the wheelchair itself must reach a certain strength. Only when the strength is guaranteed can the safety be guaranteed. The mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials are very outstanding, and their tensile strength can reach more than 3000MPa, which is several times that of steel. Safety also includes shock absorption performance. The damping coefficient of carbon fiber material is large, the shock absorption effect is good, and the safety and comfort of use are improved.

Future is professional in producing carbon fiber products, got vast experience in carbon fiber wheelchair parts, including carbon fiber frame and the tube parts. Please email our sales person for best quotes with 3D drawings. 


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