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Custom Carbon Fiber CT X-ray Board for Surgery Table China

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Future
Material: Carbon Fiber+Epoxy Resin
Appearance: UD/3k/forged weave
Surface Treatment: Glossy/ Matte
Applications: Medical parts
Feature: High Strength/ Light Weight
Technology: Lamination technology

Product Description

Future is capable of advising different processing technology based on customers’ drawing for carbon fiber x ray table, lamination processing method for flat carbon fiber sheet and mold pressing for easy shaping carbon parts. Besides 100% carbon fiber sheet, Future could also supply carbon fiber and PMI composites panel for thick and high strength carbon fiber bed.


1) High strength, low density, high X-ray transmittance, low X-ray absorption rate, etc., are often used to make medical bed boards in the field of medical radiation

2) The carbon fiber composite material is used as the cover, and the sandwich-structured bed plate made of foam sandwich panel plays an important role in improving the overall performance of medical equipment

3) It can be used as carbon fiber medical bed board, carbon fiber CT bed board, carbon fiber X-ray transparent board, carbon fiber breast machine support board, carbon fiber electric operating bed board, carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame seat, carbon fiber medical head support, carbon fiber X-ray detector flat panel and other products

4) Strong chemical stability, good biocompatibility with human body, non-toxic and tasteless, and high X-ray transmittance, low loss, low aluminum equivalent, low damage to human body

5) Excellent flame retardancy, heat insulation and corrosion resistance

**Please send email to us and let us know your requirements with 3D drawing, we will make best solution and quotation to you.

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4.3.2 custom carbon fiber CT x-ray board for surgery table China-详情-2

4.3.2 custom carbon fiber CT x-ray board for surgery table China-详情-1

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