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3mm Forged Carbon Fiber Sheet and Resin Price

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Future
Material: Carbon Fiber+Epoxy Resin
Appearance: Forged/Chopped Weave
Surface Treatment: Glossy/ Matte
Applications: Industrial Parts, Drone Parts
Feature: High Strength/ Light Weight
Technology: Laminating in Autoclave Machine

Product Description

What is the thickness tolerance of carbon fiber board:
       The thicker the carbon fiber sheets and Laminates, the more carbon fiber prepreg required, and the longer the corresponding cost and production cycle;
       The thickness tolerance of the carbon panel is generally within ±0.1 mm. The carbon fiber adhesive sheet can be formed by autoclave or compression molding according to the needs of use; The thickness of the produced carbon board is uniform and flat, and the surface has no defects such as bubble
sor spots. The carbon fiber composite sheet can be punched and cut by a CNC machine tool.

The regular size and thickness of carbon fiber sheet made by Future: 

Product Name
3mm Forged Carbon Fiber Sheet and Resin 
Production Facility
Autoclave Machine
Fiber Type
Chopped Carbon Fiber Tow
Surface Treatment
Glossy, High Glossy, Matte, 50% Matte
Minimum Size-100x100mm

Maximum Size-3000x9000mm

0.2mm~150mm Customized

Glossy & Matte Surface Treatment: 

3mm forged carbon fiber sheet and resin price-1


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