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       Most of the hot-selling carbon fiber panels on the market are CNC-processed products, such as carbon fiber drone center panels, carbon fiber cover panels, carbon fiber medical panels, and so on. However,the following three problems are prone to occur when CNC processing carbon fiber plates:

1. Excessive processing temperature leads to high-temperature damage to the plate

               Due to the high strength of the carbon fiber itself and the tool, the waste chips generated by the constant friction between the two are not discharged in time and are still caused by continuous friction, which will easily lead to a sharp increase in the temperature around the carbon fiber plate drilling, resulting in high-temperature damage

2. Severe tool wear

              This is because the carbon fiber plate product, which is fused and cured by carbon fiber tow and resin, has very high-performance strength, and it will alternately bring linear effects to the tool during machining. In order to ensure the performance advantages of carbon fiber products, different angles are often used to lay layers inside, so that the wear of the carbon fiber tow on the tool is more serious.

3. Sheet layer tearing

              Most carbon fiber products are made by laying up carbon fiber prepregs. However, carbon fiber products made by laying up will have a certain interlayer gap after molding. When CNC machining, it is easy to appear layered tearing, experienced and skilled masters can avoid this problem.

How to correctly and effectively avoid the above situation?

             That is to hand it over to a professional, experienced and highly skilled carbon fiber product manufacturer like Future Composites.

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