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What is the difference between meta-aramid and para-aramid?

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Aramid fiber is mainly divided into two types, para-aramid fiber (PPTA) and meta-aramid fiber (PMIA). Since the 1960s, DuPont (DuPont) of the United States successfully developed aramid fiber and took the lead in industrialization. , In more than 30 years, aramid fiber has gone through the process of transition from military strategic materials to civilian materials, and the price has also been reduced by nearly half.

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Now let's see what the difference is between meta-aramid and para-aramid.

Poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide fiber is called meta-aramid for short; poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide fiber is called para-aramid for short.

1. The molecular arrangement is different. The meta-aramid fiber has a zigzag molecular chain arrangement; the para-aramid fiber has a linear molecular chain arrangement.

2. The production process is different. Para-aramid uses a two-step method, which requires high equipment and complicated processes; meta-aramid only needs one step.

3. Different uses. Meta-aramid is widely used as bonding fiber in manufacturing special paper-based materials; para-aramid fibers are used in high-performance paper-based materials.

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