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Laser Cut Carbon Fiber

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After the one-time overall structure is formed, the carbon fiber plate often needs to be processed such as cutting due to assembly requirements. The traditional processing methods include turning, milling, grinding, drilling and other mechanical processing methods. Carbon fiber board has high strength and high brittleness. If the tool is not properly selected by traditional machining methods, it will accelerate tool wear, increase cost, and easily lead to material cracking and deformation. Especially when punching small holes in the carbon fiber plate, it is more likely to cause poor material processing or even scrapping. Laser cutting is a non-contact processing method, which can well avoid the problems encountered in the process of carbon fiber plate processing.

Carbon fiber composite materials have heterogeneity and anisotropy characteristics, and the conduction rate of heat in carbon fiber composite materials is different. There is no fiber between the layers of carbon fiber composite materials, so it mainly relies on resin with low thermal conductivity to conduct heat. The heat distribution at the outlet is uneven, which causes the resin to melt unevenly, and the heat-affected zone will spread rapidly along the direction of fiber arrangement. The surface of the carbon fiber composite laser cutting hole coincides with the focal plane, the laser processing speed is fast, and the heat accumulation is small, so the heat-affected zone near the forming hole is small.

Advantages of laser cutting technology:


1.Adopt high-speed processor and acceleration and deceleration control algorithm to make the machine perform high-speed processing smoothly;


2.The design of the turntable divider can effectively realize the efficient production mode of simultaneous feeding and simultaneous processing;


3.The whole motion system adopts X and Y axis modular synchronous belt system, which can effectively meet the processing of arbitrary graphics on two-dimensional plane;


4.It supports IO communication with external devices such as manipulators, and realizes the designated calling and control of a certain processing file by external devices, so as to meet the cooperative processing between equipment and other external devices.

Support functions such as modifying the cutting starting point, direction and processing path optimization of the processing drawin.

The choice of laser cutting carbon fiber speed is not only related to laser cutting parameters, but also related to the thickness of carbon fiber and the absorption rate of carbon fiber to laser. For laser cutting equipment with a certain power, the thicker the carbon fiber thickness, the cutting speed must be reduced in order to obtain good cutting quality when laser cutting carbon fiber, which also makes the time required for laser cutting carbon fiber longer. Therefore, the quality is reduced; if one wants to improve the processing efficiency, it will inevitably lead to the problem of larger kerf and thermal influence due to the increased energy absorbed by the carbon fiber.

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