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Types of PMI foam plastics:

There are two types of PMI foam plastics: hard and soft.

1. Rigid foam plastics mean that at room temperature, the polymers that make up foam plastics are crystalline or amorphous, and their glass transition temperature is higher than normal temperature. Therefore, the texture of foam plastics is relatively hard at normal temperatures.

2. Flexible foamed plastics, that is, the melting point of the polymers that make up the foamed plastics is lower than normal temperature or the glass transition temperature of the amorphous polymer is lower than normal temperature. The material is soft at normal temperature. 3. Semi-rigid (or semi-soft) foamed plastics are Foams between the above two categories.

             Foam plastics can also be divided into low-foaming and high foaming.

Generally, the expansion ratio (the multiple of the volume increase after foaming compared with that before foaming) is less than 5 for low foaming, and greater than 5 is called high foaming.

            The foam plastic is a kind of polymer material formed by dispersing a large number of gas micropores in solid plastic. It has the characteristics of lightweight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, etc., and its dielectric properties are better than that of the matrix resin. It has a wide range of uses. Almost all kinds of plastics can be made into foamed plastics, and foam molding has become an important field in plastic processing.

            The foam plastic is also called porous plastic. It is plastic with numerous micropores inside made of resin as the main raw material. Light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shockproof, corrosion resistance. There are soft and hard points. Widely used as heat insulation, sound insulation, packaging materials, and car and ship hulls, etc.

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