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Non Stick Coating Carbon Fiber Roller Tube for Baby Diaper Lady Napkin Machine

Jatorri lekua: Guangdong, Txina

Marka izena: Future Composites

Gutxieneko eskaera kopurua: 10 pz

Coating: Teflon,Ceramicnon stick coating

Entregatzeko epea: 8-12 egun

Ordainketa baldintzak: T/T edo Paypal

Production machine: Roll Wrapped Machine

CNC zerbitzua: posible

Produktuaren Deskribapena

Non Stick Coating Carbon Fiber Roller Tube for Baby Diaper Lady Napkin Machine

Produktuaren izenaNon Stick Coating Carbon fiber roller tube
MaterialCarbon fiber / carbon fiber & fiberglass mixed
Kanpoko diametroa30-350mmΦ
Length3000mm arte
CNC workPosibleak

Available coating

& covering

Rubber-NBR, CR, silicone, urethance, etc.

Non-stick coating-Teflon,Ceramic 

Hard coat anodize (aluminum, stainless steel, chrome plating)

Other custom coatings

OsagarriakCustom aluminum ends
EzaugarriakHigh rigidity, high-speed rotation with long lifetime

           Carbon fiber rollers arewidelyused in print, film, paper, and liquid crystal displays industries. In recent years,with the increase in size (width) and speed of manufacturingsystems,carbonfiberroller demand is growing. The carbon fiber tubeshell produced in the form ofrollwrapped method using prepreg carbon fiber fabric as raw materials, are more popular. We can provide different designs and coatings that meet customer needs.

Here are the rollers type we are manufacturing:

Accumulator rollersArrabol garraiatzaileakLay on rollersPinch rollers

Air shafts

Dancer roller

Load cell rollers

Pull rollers

Calendar rollersGida-arrabolakNews printing rollersReel spools
Conical sleevesIdler rollersNip rollersRoll cores
Contact rollersImpression rollersParallel sleevesTension rollers


1.Lighter weight & high strength: Improved safety.

Roll replacement workability greatly improves, contributing to improved safety.

2.Lower inertia: Reduced running costs.

Stable transport is achieved with thin material and low tensile force, and reduced drive energy helps reduce cost.

3.Low deflection: Improved product quality

Stable base material transport improves product quality.

4.High RPM: Improved productivity.

While high rotational control is maintained, the critical speed is increased.

5.Higher load capacity than comparable aluminum idlers

6.Non-corrosive and longer lifetime.

7.Electrically conductive.

Comparison of performance between steel and aluminum materials.微 信 图片 _20230523174140

-Φ100×1700L, same rigidity

            The strength and lightweight of carbon fiber idler rollers offer unparalleled quality - weighing only one-third of standard aluminum idler rollers of the same class, but with stronger load bearing capacity. These high-performance idler rollers use a carbon fiber composite tube as the roller shell. Special steel short shafts and lightweight aluminum collecting tubes minimize the total weight of the roller.

            These exceptional idler rollers are ideal for running wider and lighter rolls at higher critical speeds. Their inertiagrade is the lowest among all the cylinders in the market. Most importantly, you can now specify them as the "future" standard - saving you the cost of customizing carbon composite idler rollers.

Non Stick Coating Carbon Fiber Roller Tube for Baby Diaper Lady Napkin Machine2

Comparative Example of Metal Roll and Carbon Roll

The performance of carbon rolls varies according to the design.

 For example, the performance of a metal roll and carbon roll of the same size and rigidity iscompared below.

Comparison of steel and aluminum performance(Φ100×170OL, same rigidity)



 Carbon roll




mmΦ                      100

Surface leng th

mm                     1700

shell thickness





Maskorraren pisua

(metal ratio)


27.3 (100)

6.3 (23)

9.4 (100)



Momentua inertzia 

(metal ratio)


24 (100)

3.6 (44)

8.2 (100)

Critical speed



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