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Zer gairi erreparatu behar zaie karbono-zuntzezko arrabolak garraiatzeko orduan?

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    Carbon fiber is a new type of material with excellent performance. It can be made into rollers and used in textile, printing and other industries. In recent years, it has also been widely used in the lithium battery industry. The processing of carbon fiber rollers is difficult and costly, so it is necessary to adopt the correct method during transportation and use.

    Zer gairi erreparatu behar zaie karbono-zuntzezko arrabolak garraiatzeko orduan?

    1. Pack properly:Use bubble wrap or foam padding to prevent the rollers from moving inside the package.

    2. Choose the right container:Choose a container that is strong enough to withstand harsh shipping conditions, a sturdy cardboard box, or a hard-sided box with foam padding to provide the necessary protection.

    3. Fix it well:use packing tape or straps to fix the carbon fiber rollers in the container, this will prevent them from moving around and bumping into each other during transportation.

     4. Label with caution:Clearly label containers with "fragile" and "handle with care" labels to alert handlers to the fragility of the contents.

    5. Choose a carrier:Use a quality carrier with experience in transporting fragile items and the necessary expertise to handle shipments with care.

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