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Efikeco kaj Apliko de PMI Kerna Ŝaŭmo

Vidoj:3 Aŭtoro:Linda Eldona Tempo: 2023-03-17 origino:

Relatively speaking, the thickness of the PMI core foam board must be achieved. Using two boards and then sandwiching the foam in the middle, the purpose of this is to meet the heat insulation of the building, as well as sound insulation. Effect. It is not difficult to process, the material in the middle is mainly foam as raw material and then processed into sandwich panels. This kind of core material foam gives full play to the unique properties of the rock wool core material. It has fire resistance, and also has a relatively good heat preservation effect, and has unique characteristics such as heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.

It is a new type of composite building material formed by pressing colored steel plates through an automatic continuous forming machine and bonding them with high-strength adhesives. It is mainly suitable for public buildings, roofs and walls of industrial plants, clean workshops, and combined cold storage and buildings. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, waterproofing, fast construction speed, durability, and beautiful appearance.

PMI core material foam plastic has lightweight, 1/20~1/30 of the weight of a concrete roof, has thermal insulation, thermal conductivity value of 0.034W/MK, fast construction speed, no wet operation, and no secondary decoration, construction The period can be shortened by more than 40%, the color is bright, no surface decoration is required, and the anti-corrosion layer of the colored galvanized steel sheet has a retention period of 15-30 years. It is a new type of enclosure structure material integrating load-bearing, heat preservation, waterproofing, and decoration.

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