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How are carbon fiber tubes connected to metal parts?

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As the basic product of carbon fiber products, carbon fiber tubes are widely used in aerospace, mechanical equipment, medical equipment and other fields. Carbon fiber tubes are often used as load-bearing structural parts during use and will be connected with metal parts.

Common ways to connect carbon fiber tubes to metal parts are: adhesive bonding, mechanical connection, hybrid connection, pre-embedding, etc.

1. Bonding

The bonding of carbon fiber tubes is to use epoxy structural glue to connect carbon fiber tubes and parts. It should be noted that impurities on the surface need to be removed during bonding, and grinding can also be used to improve the surface roughness with chemical reagents. , can strengthen the connection, has the advantages of less number of parts, light structure, high connection efficiency, fatigue resistance, vibration reduction, corrosion resistance and so on. Carbon fiber tube is not metal, but it conducts electricity. When it is connected with metal with structural adhesive, the chemical corrosion path of the two materials is blocked, and the anti-corrosion effect can be achieved.

2. Mechanical connection

The connection points of the mechanical connection can transmit a large load, which is convenient for disassembly, inspection and maintenance, and ensures the safe and effective use of the structure.

3. Mixed connection

It is to use two methods of mechanical connection and glue connection at the same time to make the connection between the carbon fiber tube and the metal parts closer, and the product is more durable.

4. Enigita

Pre-embedding means that when carbon fiber pipes and carbon fiber products are made of prepreg layup, the metal parts are placed in the reserved position of the prepreg, and then put into the mold together for heating and pressure curing.

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