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Ang Kalihokan sa Carbon Fiber Medical Board

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     In the medical X-ray diagnostic device, the part where the patient lies is called the "bed board". The choice of the medical bed board should not only consider the load bearing, but also consider its attenuation of X-rays.

   Traditional medical bed boards are mostly made of phenolic resin boards, aluminum boards and other materials, which have poor mechanical properties, low ray transmittance, and insufficient imaging clarity. Compared with traditional medical bed board materials, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials have large elastic modulus and strength. The most important thing is that for carbon fiber composite materials, the elemental composition of resin is C, H, O, and the elemental composition of carbon fiber is C, and the X-ray mass absorption coefficient is very small, much lower than the general Material. Therefore, the carbon fiber composite medical bed board has a high X-ray transmittance, which can reduce the radiation damage of X-ray rays to patients.


    If the carbon fiber + PMI foam structure is applied, the aluminum equivalent of the carbon fiber composite material is 0.11, and the aluminum equivalent of the carbon fiber composite foam sandwich structure is 0.52, and the X-ray transmission performance is better than that of traditional medical materials such as phenolic resin sheets and aluminum sheets, and The carbon fiber composite material allows rays to strike the bed at any angle without refraction. The application of PMI foam can also greatly improve the pressure-bearing capacity of the component: the carbon fiber sandwich structure component made of PMI foam as the core material can withstand the load of up to 1200kg, while the ordinary support can only bear the load of 400kg.

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