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Common forms and applications of carbon fiber materials

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Carbon fiber has a series of excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, corrosion resistance, and small thermal expansion coefficient, so its application fields are very wide. To meet customer needs, Future has developed a variety of fibers for different purposes to make full use of the excellent properties of carbon fibers.

1.Carbon fiber fabric

bahin Product: It is woven from continuous carbon fiber or short carbon fiber yarn. According to the weaving method, carbon fiber fabrics can be divided into woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and non-woven fabrics. At present, carbon fiber fabrics usually use woven fabrics.

Main use:Same as continuous carbon fiber, mainly used for composite materials such as CFRP, CFRTP, or C/C composite materials, and the application fields include aircraft/aerospace equipment, sporting goods, and industrial equipment parts.

2.Continuous long carbon fiber

bahin Product: The tow is composed of tens of thousands of monofilaments, which are divided into three types according to the twisting method: NT (Never Twisted, untwisted), UT (Untwisted, untwisted), TT or ST (Twisted, twisted ), where NT is the most commonly used carbon fiber.

Panguna nga aplikasyon: mainly used for composite materials such as CFRP, CFRTP or C/C composite materials, and the application fields include aircraft, aerospace equipment, sporting goods and industrial equipment parts.

3.Chopped carbon fiber

bahin Product: It is usually made of continuous carbon fiber through chopped processing, and the chopped length of the fiber can be cut according to customer needs.

Panguna nga gamit: usually used as a mixture of plastics, resins, cement, etc., can improve mechanical properties, wear resistance, electrical conductivity and heat resistance by mixing into the matrix; in recent years, the reinforcing fibers in 3D printing carbon fiber composite materials are mostly chopped carbon fibers Mainly.

4.Carbon fiber composite

mga bahin sa produkto. Injection molding material made of thermoplastic or thermosetting resin mixed with carbon fiber, the mixture is added with various additives and chopped fibers, and then compounded.

Panguna nga aplikasyon: Relying on the material's excellent electrical conductivity, high stiffness, and light weight advantages, it is mainly used in office automation equipment shells and other products.

5.Carbon Fiber Prepreg

bahin Product: The semi-hardened intermediate material made of carbon fiber impregnated with thermosetting resin has excellent mechanical properties and is widely used; the width of carbon fiber prepreg depends on the size of the processing equipment, and common specifications include 300mm, 600mm, and 1000mm width prepreg material.

Panguna nga aplikasyon: areas such as aircraft/aerospace equipment, sporting goods and industrial equipment that urgently require lightweight and high performance.

6.Carbon fiber braid

bahin Product: It is a kind of carbon fiber fabric, which is also woven from continuous carbon fiber or short carbon fiber yarn.

Panguna nga aplikasyon: Mainly used for resin-based reinforcement materials, especially for the production and processing of tubular products.

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