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Ang carbon fiber mahimong usa ka hinungdanon nga materyal nga suporta alang sa ikaupat nga rebolusyon sa industriya

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            In the coming era of interstellar navigation, clean energy and artificial intelligence, carbon fiber will also play a big role. Human beings want to enter space, explore the moon, conduct manned landing on the moon, explore Mars, and possibly manned exploration of Mars, and explore other planets and asteroids. Whether entering space, staying in space, or exploring space, including the establishment of scientific research stations in space in the future, carbon fiber is indispensable

          In the future, there will be a large number of intelligent robots, and intelligent equipment represented by robots must solve the problem of structural weight and reduce weight to ensure the completion of their mileage, battery life and other indicators. In addition, these intelligent equipment and robots must have dynamic response characteristics, and carbon fiber composite materials have incomparable advantages in this regard. On the eve of the fourth industrial revolution, carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials will play an increasingly important role in the process of entering an intelligent and intelligent society.

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