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Proseso sa pagpintal sa carbon fiber plate

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Due to its excellent performance, carbon fiber boards are widely used in various fields, so they are often painted to meet special purposes and needs during actual application. First of all, for the sake of appearance, spray a layer of clear water paint, and then polish it into a bright or matte shape; secondly, for anti-corrosion, spray paint can effectively resist natural factors such as temperature and humidity; and spray paint of different colors on the carbon fiber board , which can be used to unify the color with other parts and improve the integrity.

Carbon fiber plate painting steps:

1. Grinding and cleaning: Put the carbon fiber board on the equipment for grinding, and then put it in water for cleaning to remove the residual carbon powder.

2. Wipe off the water: wipe off the water stains on the surface of the carbon fiber board with a dry cloth.

3. Baking: Put the dry carbon fiber board into the oven and bake at 80 degrees for about 5 minutes to ensure that the water evaporates completely.

4. Surface spraying: Design the walking path of the spray gun according to the shape of the plate to ensure that the paint surface is even and textured. There are different types of paint when spraying, generally there are putty, primer, color paint, and varnish. Once sprayed, it needs to be baked once.

5. Dealing with defects: If there are paint particles or other defects left on the surface of the carbon fiber board after painting, it is necessary to use a non-electric machine to polish the surface until it is smooth.

6. Packing box: Clean the surface of the board, put on a protective film, and pack the box.

Carbon fiber plate painting not only will not affect the performance of the carbon fiber plate, but the special protective layer may also fill in some defects of the carbon fiber plate.

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