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Mga bentaha sa paggamit sa PMI foam

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PMI foam has a wide range of uses and is suitable for various warehouses, hospitals, prefab buildings, and other buildings. PMI foam can also be called a polystyrene sandwich panel, which is mainly made of foam as raw material. It is light in weight, soundproof and fireproof. The polystyrene foam in the PMI foam is a very light high molecular polymer, which is made of polystyrene resin then added with a foaming agent, and then heated and softened to make it generate gas, thus forming a hard foam. Foam plastic with closed cell structure.

   And its processing method can be divided into extrusion method and pattern method according to the different foaming methods. It is precisely because of this uniform and closed cavity structure that EPS has the characteristics of low water absorption, good thermal insulation performance, and lightweight. The foam sandwich panel made with special features has a beautiful appearance, good overall effect, bright color, sound absorption, and sound insulation, and also has thermal insulation, fire prevention, waterproofing, and other effects. After it is installed, there is no need for secondary decoration, which reflects the civilized construction of modern construction sites.

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