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Pasgemaakte uitbreidende pneumatiese koolstofvesel-lugasrol

Origin:Guangdong, China

Handelsmerk: Toekoms

Techniques:Filament Winding

Material:Carbon Fiber+ Epoxy

Length: 6000mm Max

Winding Diameter:500mm Max

Supply Type:Make-to-Order

Application: ReelsToimprove Work Efficiency

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Produk Naam
Pasgemaakte uitbreidende pneumatiese koolstofvesel-lugasrol

Carbon Fiber + Epoxy Resin


Filament Winding

Winding Diameter
500 mm Maks

74/75mm, 149/150mm or Other Custom Size

Sny Spoed
Total Power
Maksimum lengte
6000 (mm)
Main Facilities

Filament Winding Machine

Sentraallose slypmasjien

Silindriese slypmasjien

CNC masjien


For Reels, Printing Machine Rewinding, Compounding

Machines, Paper Making,Plastics and Other Related Reels, 

Which Can Improve Work Efficiency.


    Carbon fiber composite axle tube and metal axle head combination


     1. High-strength carbon fiber structure, the weight of the carbon fiber axle tube is only 1/4-1/5 of the steel axle tube.Easier operation, lower risk of injury, reduced wear on mechanical components such as bearings, higher rotational speed, less deformation.

     2. The strength of carbon fiber axle tube is higher than that of steel.Higher load-bearing capacity, more fatigue resistance, longer service life. 

     3. Save working time: It only takes about 3 seconds for the inflation and deflation to separate and place the coil tube, and the coil tube can be tightly gripped without disassembling any part of the shaft end side.         

     4. Winding molding process: Computer control, mechanized production, precise and unique winding angle, fiber preload. 

Hoe word die gare gelê?       

      All carbon fiber pipes are precisely wound from a single yarn by an automatic winding machine through a computer-preset program. Each type of tube corresponds to a separate yarn laying program, which precisely winds the carbon fiber at different angles, while the yarn tension and other corresponding parameters interact to achieve the required product bending curve. Only the precise angle winding solution of the yarn with preload provided by the winding process can perfectly solve the problem of the largest torque in the pipe application.

Carbon fiber tube with filament winding process towpreg1_11

Carbon fiber tube with filament winding process towpreg1_12

Carbon fiber tube with filament winding process towpreg1_13


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