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Koolstofvesel Aramid Aluminium PP PVC PMI Heuningkoek Toebroodjie Paneel

Plek van herkoms: Guangdong, China

Handelsnaam: Future Composites

Material: Carbon Fiber+Aramid PP PVC PMI

Voorkoms: 3K/UD/Gekleurd/Gesmeed/Jacquard

Oppervlakbehandeling: Glans/ Mat

Toepassings: Industriële onderdele, hommeltuigonderdele

Kenmerk: Ligte gewig / hoë sterkte

Tegnologie: Lamineer in outoklaafmasjien

Produk Beskrywing

       Honeycomb sandwich panel is a special type of composite material, which has the advantages of good lightweight, specific strength, specific stiffness, fatigue resistance, etc., and is widely used in aerospace, military, construction, medical and other fields. The honeycomb sandwich panel mainly adheres the panel to the honeycomb sandwich structure through cement. The commonly used honeycomb sandwich materials are aluminum honeycomb, aramid honeycomb, etc. The panel structure can choose carbon fiber, glass fiber, metal plate, etc.

Grootte Toleransie± 1mm
Dikte Verdraagsaamheid±0.05~1mm
Maksimum grootte3000x8000mm
Beskikbare dikte0.2 ~ 80mm
Paneel MateriaalCarbon Fiber Fabric, Fiberglass Fabric
KleurWhite Black  Colors
Oppervlak behandelingGlans, hoogglans, mat, 50% mat


Sandwich Material










3.1.13 Carbon fiber Aramid Aluminum PP PVC PMI honeycomb sandwich Panel-1

1_The carbon fiber PMI foam sandwich panel 

Carbon fiber Aramid Aluminum PP PVC PMI honeycomb sandwich Panel-2

          The panel has a 100% closed-cell structure and is isotropic. Compared with the carbon fiber honeycomb panel, the flexural strength is superior, and the ultimate bearing capacity of the structure can be significantly improved. In aerospace applications, the foam core material used in carbon fiber composite sandwich structures is mostly PMI. In addition, in rail transportation, sandwich structures are usually used in vehicle manufacturing to reduce the energy consumption of automobiles. Carbon fiber composite sandwich structures used in aerospace and rail transit fields face dangerous situations such as high-speed impact while reducing weight to achieve lightweight. The local collapse formed by the high-speed collision between objects destroys the overall configuration of the sandwich structure. The use of carbon fiber PMI composite materials can not only achieve lightweight, but also withstand impacts.

2_The Carbon Fiber PP Honeycomb Composite Panel

Carbon fiber Aramid Aluminum PP PVC PMI honeycomb sandwich Panel-3

        Strong compression and impact resistance can absorb external forces and reduce the damages caused by impact and collision. Widely used in automobile bumpers, sports protective gear and other fields. Excellent sound insulation performance, effectively reduce the transmission of sound. Widely used as base material for sound proofing equipment, for yachts, automobiles, motor vehicles, and larger vehicles etc.

3_Carbon Fiber Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Panel

Carbon fiber Aramid Aluminum PP PVC PMI honeycomb sandwich Panel-4

     Low density, it is 1/5 of the weight of wooden boards of the same thickness and size, 1/6 of glass, 1/7 of aluminum, greatly reducing the building load and cost.Mainly used in ship building, aviation manufacturing, commercial transport vehicles and container trucks body, bus, train, subway and rail transit vehicles, etc.;

4_ Carbon Fiber Aramid Composites Panel

Carbon fiber Aramid Aluminum PP PVC PMI honeycomb sandwich Panel-5

      Carbon fiber composite materials have high specific strength and specific modulus, small thermal expansion coefficient, good dimensional stability, and low mass loss rate under vacuum conditions. Battery array substrate structure, etc. 

     The panel is a honeycomb sandwich structure, which is formed by bonding the upper and lower skins and the honeycomb core through the glue film. Although the external size is small and the structure is relatively simple, due to its special use, it requires extremely high surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the work piece, so it also proposes higher machining accuracy for the mold. The thermal expansion and cold contraction of aluminum molds have a great influence on the parts. Repeatedly entering the tank, the mold surface will be slightly deformed, which will affect the final quality of the parts. Considering the cost and many other factors, 45# steel with high stiffness and not easy to deform is used.


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