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3K Glossy Carbon Fiber Intake Tube China Factory

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Future
Material: Carbon fiber+epoxy resin
Appearance: 3K plain/ twill weave
Surface Treatment: Glossy/ matte
Applications: Car parts
Feature: High strength/ light weight
Technology: Compression molding or autoclave

Product Description

Generally, the air intake pipe of a car is made of plastic, and the plastic material is not insulated. When the engine is working, the temperature in the engine compartment is higher, which will increase the temperature of the intake air, and reduce the oxygen content in the air, which affects the power output of the engine. . The carbon fiber intake pipe has a thermal insulation effect, which can prevent the intake air temperature from being affected by the temperature of the engine compartment, and improve the power output and stability.

Product Name

Carbon Fiber Intake Tube


Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Material

1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K, Forged


(according to customer requirements)

Manufacturing Method

Compression Molding


Twill Glossy/Twill Matte/Plain Glossy / Plain Matte

Other carbon fiber inlet pipes made by Future:

1.1.1 3k wet finish carbon fiber intake tube china factory-详情-1

Installation of carbon fiber turbo pipe:

1.1.1 3k wet finish carbon fiber intake tube china factory-详情-2

Our mold pressing line:

1.1.1 3k wet finish carbon fiber intake tube china factory-详情-3

Shipping & packing:

Both sea freight and express are possible, for mass cargoes partial shipment by both sea freight and air freight is recommended for cost saving.

1.1.1 3k wet finish carbon fiber intake tube china factory-详情-4


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