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High Stiffness H-R Hex Pultruded China Carbon Tube 14mm Inner Round

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name:FutureComposites

Minimum Order Quantity:1000meters

Packaging:PP bag in carbon box

Delivery Time: 10-12days

Payment Terms: T/T or Paypal

Production machine: Pultrusion tech

CNC service: Cutting/drilling/milling

Product Description

Pultruded hexagon tubes, although less commonly used compared to round carbon fibre tubes, are still very strong and with the hexagon of flat sides, can be uniquely suited to applications where other components are to be attached during assembly. The flat sides provide a convenient surface for mounting other parts, be it bonded into place using a structural adhesive or fixed by other means. Pultrusion is a method of manufacturing continuous lengths of fibre reinforced section (in this case Hexagon shape tube) by pulling continuous strands of carbon fibre through resin and a former before curing the resin all in one process.

H-R hex round pultruded carbon tube size:
A, Outside : 16mm Hex
    Inside    : 14mm Round
    Length  : 1000mm /piece
    Weight : 110 gram/meter

B, Outside : 14mm Hex
    Inside    : 12mm Round
    Length  : 1000mm /piece
    Weight : 85 gram/meter

Product name

Carbon Fiber Hex Tube

Raw Materials

Carbon Fiber , Epoxy resin

Manufacturing Method

Compression molding

Carbon Fiber Material

1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K (according to customer requirements)


UD smooth, UV resistant possible

Outer Diameter Tolerance

+/- 0.05mm

Length Tolerance

+/- 0.1mm


Custom Size


Black Or Any Color from RAL

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High Stiffness H-R Hex Pultruded China Carbon Tube 14mm Inner Round

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