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Future PMI foam carbon composite board CT bed 51 equivalent

Brand: Fucell® 

Material: PMI foam

Color: Natural white                

Density: 32kg/m³, 52kg/m³, 75kg/m³

Pores: Fine, medium, coarse

CNC service: Cutting/drilling/shaping

Uses: Medical parts

Feature: High E (Young 's modulus)/d (density) 

Product Description

    Future PMI Products SP1 Model Series Technical Advantages SP1 type PMI is a special PMI structural foam for sandwich structures under the production conditions of the molding process. It has the following two major advantages:

1. Good heat resistance, within the temperature range of 160 °C, the foam does not automatically deform and shrink, and it is closely combined with the panel to quickly realize the curing of the sandwich structure. Reduce production cycle and reduce cost.

2. Excellent mechanical properties and good toughness. SP1 type PMI has superior mechanical properties and stronger impact resistance than RP type. And maintains excellent toughness and fatigue resistance.

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         Comprehensive mechanical properties data and product technical advantages determine that SP1 foam is suitable for various sandwich structure products under high temperature molding production conditions, especially for the production of sandwich structure products under dynamic load conditions, such as skis, golf clubs, ice Clubs and other similar sports equipment. It greatly improves the performance and service life of such products and increases the added value of the products.

Test methods for basic mechanical properties:

◇ Compression performance test

ASTM D1621 Standard

Size: 2×2×1inch or 2inch

Loading speed: 0.2inch/min

◇ Tensile property test

ASTM D638 Standard

Sample size: M-1 0.4×0.4inch

Loading speed: 1mm/min

◇ Shear performance test

ASTM C273 Standard

Sample size: 7.8×2×0.78inch

Loading speed: 0.08inch/min

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