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Why should the temperature be controlled during the production of carbon fiber wound tubes?

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The main factors affecting the winding temperature are the temperature of the hot roller and the temperature of the hot air. The control of winding temperature is realized by controlling the temperature of hot air and hot rod. To ensure the pressure of the pressure roller is as large as possible and maintain the stability of the pressure value, the material of the general pressure roller is made of metal, which limits the thermal conductivity of the pressure roller.

The main function of the hot roller temperature and the hot air temperature is to make the dipped cloth tape passing through the hot roller have a certain degree of softness and viscosity before reaching the winding point, which makes it more conducive to the interlayer bonding and oblique winding of the cloth. The tape is pre-fanned. The adhesive tape is preheated by the hot air of the hot roller, which requires the hot air on the surface area of the hot roller to have a certain temperature before the winding starts. When the winding tension, pressure, and wind speed are constant, the higher the surface temperature of the hot roller and the hot air temperature, the greater the deformation of the cloth tape, so they are generally controlled within the range of 100-160°C respectively. However, if the temperature is too high, the rubber on the dipped tape will undergo a cross-linking reaction prematurely, causing the video to lose its viscosity, and even the tape will harden, causing wrinkles, slippage, or even breakage after the tape is wound. If the temperature is too low, it will also affect the bonding between cloth layers and reduce the quality of winding products.


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