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Why is PMI better than honeycomb sandwich?

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PMI foam and honeycomb are both core materials with better performance, so why do more people choose PMI? How did PMI become more popular?

1. Price: The price of honeycomb is generally lower than that of PMI foam. However, in some industries that require high core material performance, such as aerospace, etc., the price of high-grade honeycomb is higher than that of PMI foam.

2. Mechanical properties:Honeycomb is an anisotropic material. In the height direction, honeycomb undoubtedly has high mechanical properties. Foam is an isotropic material with high mechanical properties in all directions. In this way, designers do not need to consider the direction of the honeycomb, which gives designers great freedom and convenience.

3. Process performance: Honeycomb processing requires special equipment. During paving, it is necessary to perform labor- and time-consuming splicing and secondary cementing of honeycombs, and at the same time, a large amount of potting glue is introduced. In addition, it also has a large open cell structure and anisotropy, which makes honeycomb not in line with the composite material trends of "liquid molding", "outside furnace curing" and "low-cost and rapid manufacturing". Foam processing can use ordinary CNC equipment, and due to the rigid micro-closed cell structure, many tiny structures and complex shapes can be processed without the need for potting glue and secondary cementing.

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