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Why is carbon fiber CT headrest more and more popular?

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Head X-ray computed tomography (CT) is currently the most effective device for non-destructive detection of brain diseases. The headrest is one of the key components of the head CT unit. When the CT unit is doing cranial tomography, it is used as a headrest to support and fix the head. In the past, it has been made of plywood or phenolic plastic, which has insufficient strength and rigidity. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the thickness to meet the requirements. However, the transmittance of X-rays is reduced, making it difficult to obtain clear images.

To ensure that the signal is converted into a clear image, the dose of X-rays passing through the patient's head must be increased, which causes unnecessary radiation damage to the patient's head. For this reason, carbon fiber composite materials are used to make CT headrests as structural materials with good X-ray transparency, lightweight, high strength, and rigidity.


In the early days, a medical company required the X-ray absorption performance CT value of ≤320 and the mean square error ≤1.25 for the carbon fiber CT headrest developed by a medical company. Smooth and round.

During the development of CT headrest, the X-ray transparency and mechanical properties of commonly used resin matrix and some inorganic and organic fabric reinforced epoxy laminates were tested. Prove that carbon fiber/epoxy composites are ideal for the manufacture of CT headrests. It not only has excellent X-ray transparency, but also has much higher specific strength and specific stiffness than ordinary composite materials.


In addition, according to the linearity and force characteristics of the human head, the optimal design is carried out, and many factors such as product performance, production quantity, and equipment investment are comprehensively considered, and the process route of vacuum bag pressure is adopted. The inner surface of the product made by this method is smooth, the size is accurate, and it meets the specified technical requirements. The CT value of the carbon fiber head support meets the design requirements. The measured average CT value is 246, and the deformation under a load of 10kg is 2.7mm.

At present, headrests made of carbon fiber composite materials have gradually been widely used in the field of X-ray diagnosis and treatment equipment. After years of trial feedback from customers, the strength, stiffness, and X-ray transmission performance of carbon fiber CT headrests can meet clinical requirements.

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