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Why is 3K prepreg the best-selling carbon fiber prepreg?

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 What is carbon fiber prepreg?

           Before talking about carbon fiber prepreg, let me explain what is prepreg. Prepreg refers to the intermediate of composite materials made by impregnating matrix materials in reinforcing fibers. There are many kinds of matrix materials, such as resin, metal, rubber, ceramics, etc., and there are many reinforcing fibers, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, etc.

           Carbon fiber prepreg is a carbon fiber composite material that is processed by coating, hot pressing, cooling, laminating, coiling, and other processes after carbon fiber is fully infiltrated into the resin matrix, also known as carbon fiber prepreg.

12K 200gsm Carbon Fiber Fabric

What are the classifications of carbon fiber prepregs?

            The classification method of carbon fiber prepreg is actually determined according to the direction of carbon fiber filaments, which are divided into unidirectional prepreg and fabric prepreg.

A. Unidirectional prepreg (UD):

B. Fabric prepreg: Fabric prepreg is carefully divided according to the different weaving methods of carbon fiber filaments.

a. Plain weave: poor covering performance; high fiber bending rate.

b. Satin weave: good covering performance; low fiber bending rate.

c. Twill weave: medium covering performance; medium bending rate of fibers.

What are the application advantages of carbon fiber prepreg?

           The performance advantages of carbon fiber filaments are low density, high strength, good resistance, etc. After being prepared into carbon fiber prepreg, some characteristics of the resin are integrated. In general, although the performance has declined, the overall stability is better. The specific advantages of carbon fiber prepreg are as follows:

A. Good mechanical properties;

B. Few product defects;

C. Precisely control the fiber volume content;

D. Good consistency in performance and processing characteristics;

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