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Why choose carbon fiber to make ships?

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Carbon fiber boats are low noise

The biggest advantage of carbon fiber ships compared to traditional steel ships is its extremely low structural weight and extremely high structural strength, which brings benefits in that it can choose a smaller power propulsion engine. With the same reserve energy, it can achieve longer endurance. This excellent property makes carbon fiber ships and pure electric propulsion technology a good complement. Comparing the carbon fiber high-speed passenger ships we have delivered with the old aluminum alloy high-speed ships used in the past, under the same route background and main ship dimensions, our carbon fiber high-speed passenger ships can use lower-power main engines to achieve faster speeds. Run with lower fuel consumption. Through calculation, the 42m carbon fiber high-speed passenger ship saves 600 tons of fuel per year compared with the same type of aluminum alloy ship, can save ship owners nearly 4.64 million yuan in fuel expenses (6.5 yuan/liter), and can reduce carbon emissions by nearly 1,860 tons.

                    In addition, the characteristics of carbon fiber materials can bring better quietness to the passenger cabin. Even when the main engine is operating at full power, the noise in the main deck cabin is only 62dBA, which is equivalent to the volume of a normal conversation between people, while the noise of high-speed ships of the same level reaches about 75dBA.

Aluminum alloy carbon fiber ship comparison chart

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