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Which prosthetics can carbon fiber be used in?

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As an important part of the body of the disabled, prosthetics can help them work and live more conveniently, which can not only improve the quality of life but also improve the happiness index. Therefore, weight reduction for prosthetics has always been the technical focus of related industries to break through. To reduce the weight, some lightweight and high-strength materials are widely used in the production of prosthetics, such as ultra-light aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber composite materials, etc., among which, carbon fiber specific strength and specific stiffness are high, and the design is strong, is a better material for the production of prosthetics.

1. Carbon fiber ankle joint

            The continuous movement of the ankle joint and the prosthetic foot has an important impact on the stable support of the knee joint, and carbon fiber composite materials can also be used to make the ankle joint. For example, the German company Ottobock used carbon fiber composite materials to make ankle joints in flexible feet, which can perform a bouncing action. In addition, the ankle and calf prosthetic interface tube can also be made of carbon fiber composite materials, which will make the ankle joint more lightweight and beautiful.


2. Carbon fiber prosthetic feet

             The main function of the prosthetic foot is to support the weight of the body, generate thrust during movement, and compensate for the role of the triceps and flexors of the lower leg, and energy storage feet appeared in the 1980s. From a dynamic point of view, the foot stores energy in the early stage of support and releases energy in the later stage. The energy and energy storage ratio of carbon fiber prosthetic feet can be as high as 95% or more, the weight is light, and the patient walks with less effort. Almost all of the 20 kinds of energy storage feet popular in the world are made of carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials.


3. Carbon fiber knee joint

             In addition to the sole, there is a more important part of the movement - the knee joint can also be made of carbon fiber composite materials. At present, according to the different materials on the market, the knee joint is divided into ordinary joints (alloy steel), aluminum alloy joints, titanium alloy joints, magnesium alloy joints, carbon fiber joints, etc. In these joints, the weight of ordinary joints is the largest, although the weight of aluminum alloy joints is light, the strength and service life are not satisfactory; Titanium alloy joint weight is light, and performance is good, but the price is very expensive; Carbon fiber joints compared with these materials, although the price is also expensive, light weight, high strength. More than 20 kinds of knee joints popular in the world are made of carbon fiber composite materials.

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