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Which is lighter, PMI foam or honeycomb sandwich?

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     PMI foam and honeycomb have the same mechanical properties. Since the density of the foam is 10-15% higher than that of the honeycomb, the honeycomb is considered lighter. However, simply comparing the weight of the core material is meaningless; the cured part needs to be considered as a whole, taking into account the adhesive film, potting compound and surface fibers.

    Since honeycomb production has two essential processes: splicing and potting, a large amount of adhesive is introduced. These high-density adhesives offset the lower density of the honeycomb core material, ultimately resulting in the finished product. The weight is approximately 10% higher than that of the finished foam core material.

            From another perspective, because PMI foam is perfectly suitable for various liquid molding processes, including RTM, VARI, etc., these processes increase the proportion of carbon fiber or glass fiber in the finished product and reduce the proportion of glue. Under the premise, the finished product will be lighter.

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