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Which is better, carbon fiber pultrusion or carbon fiber winding?

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Carbon fiber performance is closely related to the production process. Currently, the two most commonly used molding processes are pultrusion and winding. Let’s compare these two molding processes to see which one is better?

Introduction to carbon fiber winding molding

   The carbon fiber winding molding process is to wind continuous fibers soaked in resin glue onto a mandrel according to certain rules, and then solidify and demould to obtain the product. According to the different physical and chemical states of the resin matrix during carbon fiber winding molding, it is divided into three processes: dry winding, wet winding and semi-dry winding.

Introduction to carbon fiber pultrusion

    Continuous carbon fiber tows, tapes or cloths impregnated with resin glue are formed and solidified through an extrusion die under the action of traction, thereby continuously producing profiles of unlimited length. Pultrusion is a special process in composite material molding process. Its advantage is that the production process can be fully automated and controlled, and the production efficiency is high.

Comparison between carbon fiber pultrusion and carbon fiber winding

            The performance of carbon fiber tubes produced by carbon fiber pultrusion and winding molding is good, among which the strength of winding molding is higher. In addition, the carbon fiber winding molding process requires more processing links, while pultrusion requires an integrated production line. In terms of price, winding carbon fiber is more expensive.

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