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What's so special about carbon fiber rescue telescoping poles?

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Due to the inferiority of the material properties of the traditional metal telescopic rod, it is difficult to reach a certain length. The excellent characteristics of carbon fiber materials break through this limitation, so the telescopic rod can be made longer.

The carbon fiber telescopic pole rescue pole can reach 8 meters or even 15 meters, and the front end has an American standard boat hook, which can easily pick up objects that fall into the water. In addition, a small video detection or sonar detection instrument can be connected to the top to understand the situation of the rescue target more clearly and improve rescue efficiency.

Now let's take a look at what's so special about the carbon fiber telescopic rescue pole?

carbon fiber rescue telescoping poles1

1. The rescue rod is made of carbon fiber, which has high strength and light weight (compared to traditional metal materials)

2. The surface is treated with visible fiber mesh, which is beautiful and generous

3. After unfolding, the length of the telescopic rod is 700cm, or even longer. After contraction, it is only 155cm.

4. The top has a boat hook with two ball points.

5. Multi-section casing design, the length can be adjusted as required.

6. The maximum diameter is 4cm.

7. The total weight is only 1.5kg.

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