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What is the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber?

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               Carbon fiber is a multi-disciplinary, multi-technology high-tech product. It can be used in many fields such as sports equipment, medical equipment, new energy, machinery, electronic equipment and so on. It has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, creep resistance, shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, and strong designability. So what is the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber?

              When an object is heated, the phenomenon in which its length or volume increases is called thermal expansion, and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) indicates the degree to which the material expands. Thermal expansion coefficient can be divided into linear expansion coefficient and volume expansion coefficient, generally refers to the linear expansion coefficient. The coefficient of linear expansion refers to any change in linearity, width, thickness or diameter, etc. of a solid when heated, and is represented by the symbol R, that is, the relative change of the length when the temperature changes by K, and its unit is 1/K. When the temperature is 20℃~70℃, the thermal expansion coefficient of T30O carbon fiber is -0.74×10^6/K, and the thermal expansion coefficient of M40 carbon fiber is -1.23×10^6/K.

                The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is smaller than that of metal, and it has four times the strength of steel and one quarter of the weight of steel. It has been used instead of metal materials in many fields. Taking the automobile industry as an example, 60% of the fuel used in a car is consumed by the car's own weight. For every 10% weight loss of the car body, its fuel consumption can be reduced by 8%-10%, and its emissions can be reduced by 10%. Using carbon fiber instead of heavy metal will get a good weight reduction effect, which is also of great significance to energy saving and environmental protection.

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