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What is the performance of the carbon fiber breast machine support plate?

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Carbon fiber composite material is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, has good mechanical properties and high X-ray transmittance, especially it is suitable for medical radiation equipment. The finished carbon fiber is stable and biocompatible with the human body, no toxins, no irritating odor, safe and sanitary.


Carbon fiber breast machine support plate is made of imported carbon fiber seiko, the product is 3K plain or twill surface, clear lines, smooth appearance, no bubble marks, beautiful and generous and strong wave transmission performance, 1 mm thick carbon fiber plate, X-ray transmission rate of 98%, ray loss is only 2%, compared with the traditional breast machine support plate to reduce 80% of the ray consumption. It can greatly improve the accuracy of optical effects and also help to improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis. In addition, the finished carbon fiber has high strength, good mechanical properties, and will be safer and have a longer service life than other materials.

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