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What is the performance of carbon fiber pultrusion process products?

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The extrusion process is an important manufacturing method for producing carbon fiber tubes. The process involves utilizing external forces to impregnate carbon fibers and fabric with resin, then extruding the material into a basic shape and curing it accordingly through heating. Finally, the product is cut to size. Extrusion is a process of molding that involves adding carbon fiber pre-impregnated material into a mold by means of extrusion to form carbon fiber tubes, rods, and other products such as I-beams and channel-shaped materials.

Advantages of carbon fiber extruded tubes:

1.The extrusion process ensures that the carbon fiber content in each product is relatively stable.

2.The length of the extruded carbon fiber tube can be cut to size, allowing for quick completion of product cutting in batch production, thereby reducing costs.

3.It enables a certain degree of batch automation in production, significantly improving production efficiency compared to molding processes.

4.Raw material waste is minimal, and in many cases, the carbon fiber tube requires no further processing, which is very beneficial for cost savings.

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