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What is the performance of carbon fiber photovoltaic substrate?

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       Carrying solar photovoltaic products in the form of carbon fiber photovoltaic carrier is to fix solid photovoltaic cells on the solar photovoltaic carrier, which is convenient for uniform adjustment of angle and can better receive direct light energy. The carbon fiber photovoltaic substrate can use back passivation technology to increase the open circuit voltage and short circuit current of high crystalline silicon and promote the entire conversion rate of solar cells.

    Under the effect of electromagnetic coating and passivation, the carbon fiber photovoltaic carrier can maintain the stability of the material well. Under the high temperature test, the performance of the carbon fiber photovoltaic carrier is still stable, which can better reduce the coating process of the solar panel and make the product performance is excellent.

      Carbon fiber photovoltaic carrier board also has certain acid and alkali corrosion resistance and certain high temperature resistance and can continue to work stably under natural light exposure without oxidation. In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber photovoltaic substrate is small, and it can be used for a long time in low-temperature areas.

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