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What is the difference between the hot pressing process and the molding process of carbon fiber products?

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The hot pressing process

The hot pressing process relies on a process in which an autoclave provides temperature and pressure to solidify the fiber material. Air and volatiles are removed by applying pressure and then heated to cause a chemical reaction to produce the product.

The autoclave is a kind of production equipment specially designed for the shaping process characteristics of polymer-based composite materials. The use of autoclave shaping is an important process for the production of continuous fiber-reinforced thermosetting composite parts. It is more suitable for advanced composite material structures and honeycomb interlayers. In the finalization of the structure and metal or composite material bonding structure. It usually has the advantages of high temperature and pressure control precision, safe and reliable structure, good system reliability, low energy consumption, easy use, and maintenance, etc. It can complete modularization and serialization and can meet the production requirements of different industries, different processes, and different sizes. Require.

Compression molding

Compression molding is putting the carbon fiber prepreg into the mold after being laminated, and the carbon fiber prepreg is completely attached to the mold cavity through the pressure of the internal air bag. Then the mold is heated and pressurized to solidify and shape the product. The whole process flow is: select the mold and apply the release agent - lay the carbon fiber prepreg - place the airbag - close the mold - put in the heating equipment - inflate, heat and pressure curing - molding.

The advantages of this molding method are high product precision, product integration, and good product performance; the disadvantages are fewer shipments, relatively complicated mold making, and high cost. This molding method can be used for products with high surface quality requirements, such as carbon fiber medical panels, carbon fiber exoskeleton robot accessories, etc.


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