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What is the difference between carbon fiber helmets and ordinary helmets?

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    Carbon fiber helmets are a high-end application of carbon fiber materials in the sports field, and the actual demand is not high. However, it is undeniable that carbon fiber materials have very powerful performance advantages in sports equipment.

1. Light weight and high strength

    The outer shell of ordinary helmets is mostly made of ABS plastic or fiberglass, and is lined with cushioning cotton and other materials, which not only covers the head, but also plays a certain protective role. The helmet shell accounts for 60% of the overall area, and the strength of the shell is the first line of protection. Ordinary helmets have low strength, and only professional helmets for competitive competitions are made of carbon fiber materials. This is because carbon fiber helmets are much stronger than ordinary helmets and are very lightweight, which improves protection while reducing constraints on athletes.

2. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

      Whether you are cycling in the city or competing in professional competitions, you will inevitably have to deal with problems such as high temperature, low temperature, exposure, rain, salt spray, etc. Compared with ordinary helmets, carbon fiber helmets have better durability, lower aging, and longer service life. long.

carbon fiber helmet

 3. Impact resistance, not easy to deform

       Safety hazards in cycling come from collisions. Carbon fiber helmets have good impact resistance and can play a better buffering role. Together with internal cushioning cotton and other materials, they can minimize the huge impact caused by collisions. At the same time, the carbon fiber helmet has good stiffness and is not easily deformed after a collision, providing better protection.

4. High price

     The price of carbon fiber helmets is many times higher than that of ordinary helmets. The price of daily electric bicycle helmets is between 100 and 200 yuan, professional cycling helmets are around 1,000 yuan, and carbon fiber helmets may cost more than 5,000 yuan.


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