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What is the difference between 200g and 300g carbon fiber reinforced cloth?

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Carbon fiber reinforced cloth is a kind of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced article. With many advantages, it is widely used in the reinforcement of beams, slabs, columns, roof trusses, piers, bridges, tubes, shells, etc.; concrete layout of port engineering and water conservancy and hydropower projects, Masonry layout, wood structure reinforcement, seismic reinforcement, especially suitable for complex forms of structural reinforcement such as surfaces and nodes.

There are 2 thicknesses of carbon fiber reinforced cloth: 200g (0.111mm) and 300g (0.167mm). Now let's understand the difference between the two:

1. The quantity of raw materials is different

What they have in common is that they are all 12k small tow carbon fiber raw materials, but 200g carbon fiber reinforced cloth is made of 24 12k carbon fiber raw materials; 300g carbon fiber cloth is woven from 36 12k carbon fiber raw silk.

2. Different thickness

The thickness of 200g and 300g carbon fiber reinforced cloth is different. 300g carbon fiber cloth means that the weight per square meter is 300g; 200g carbon fiber cloth means that the weight per square meter is 200g. Of course, the weight also determines the theoretical thickness. The theoretical thickness of 300 grams of carbon fiber cloth is thicker than that of 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth: 200 grams is 0.111mm, and 300 grams is 0.167mm.

carbon fiber reinforced cloth 11

3. Different mechanical properties

Due to the different weight, the amount of carbon fiber contained in each square meter of carbon fiber cloth is also different. The tensile strength of Class I high-strength unidirectional fiber cloth is ≥3400MPa.

The tensile strength of 200g carbon fiber cloth reaches 3600MPa to 4000MPa, but the tensile strength of 300g carbon fiber cloth reaches a height of 3800MPa to 4300MPa.

High-quality carbon fiber cloth is made of high-quality carbon fiber cloth woven by intelligent carbon fiber looms imported from Germany. The powerful weaving process can give full play to the performance of carbon fiber cloth. Make sure that each tow receives the same force.

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