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What is the application of carbon fiber sandwich panels in train structural parts?

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             With the rapid development of new material technology, carbon fiber composite sandwich panels have attracted much attention due to their novel design, easy molding, low production cost, and strong performance. Carbon fiber sandwich panels are generally composed of upper and lower layers of carbon fiber panels and sandwich materials. The specifications and thickness of the panels and core materials are different, and the properties of the sandwich panels are also different. According to its different performance, the cost is different, and the parts used on the vehicle are also different.

1. Equipment compartment

            The curved beam of the box beam structure and the cross beam of the I-beam structure are the main load-bearing structural parts of the equipment cabin. The cross-section of the curved beam is rectangular, and it adopts the design of carbon fiber prepreg cross laying, and is manufactured by bag molding process. The sample yield rate obtained by this process is relatively high. The beam can be introduced by vacuum, and the assembly method with other metal parts can be glued or riveted. Both the skirt plate and the bottom plate are secondary load-bearing structural parts. The molding method of carbon fiber composite materials can adopt the molding process, adopting the arc-shaped aramid honeycomb sandwich structure; Use the unidirectional cloth layer to improve the transverse and longitudinal performance of the end plate.

2. Body shell

               The aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure of carbon fiber sandwich composite components can be used in the production of high-speed train car body shells. The stainless steel skeleton is embedded in the composite layer to improve the structural rigidity of the car body. It is made by a large-scale autoclave integral molding process. Through this process, the total mass of the car body is reduced by 40%, and all performance indicators fully meet the design requirements.

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