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What is Carbon Fiber Prepreg Prepreg?

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Prepreg is a prepreg sheet product made by impregnating a matrix (Matrix) in a reinforced fiber (Reinforced Fiber), and is an intermediate material for composite materials.

Carbon fiber prepreg is a composite material made of reinforcement, such as carbon fiber yarn, resin matrix, release paper, etc. cloth.

Types of carbon fiber prepreg:

1) Unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg

2) Woven carbon fiber prepreg

3) Forged carbon fiber prepreg: CF-SMC (pure chopped carbon fiber), SMC+UD (chopped carbon fiber + UD)

Carbon fiber prepreg performance characteristics:

·Good plasticity; can be made into any shape according to the shape of the mold, easy to form and easy to process

·High strength and low density: The strength of carbon fiber prepreg can reach 6-12 times that of steel, and the density is only a quarter of that of steel.

·Corrosion resistance, long life

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