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What does a carbon fiber tube mold look like?

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Let’s take a photo first to see what the carbon fiber tube mold looks like. It is made of metal, with different diameters and protruding connecting ends at both ends. It is not very pretty, but it is very important. Before the carbon fiber tube is turned into a tube, it is a sheet material layered with multiple layers of carbon fiber prepreg tape, and then pressed through a tube rolling machine to form the prototype of the carbon fiber tube.


If you want the performance of carbon fiber tubes to be more stable, the prepreg layering must not be careless. It is layered multiple times at 0°, ±45° and 90° angles to ensure that there are no gaps in the space. On the outside of the prototype of the carbon fiber tube, a layer of PP film needs to be wrapped. Because the current prototype of the carbon fiber tube is soft, PP can play a certain fixing role; when entering the autoclave for high-temperature molding, the PP film also has a certain degree of protection. effect.

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