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What conditions should the mold of high-quality carbon fiber products meet?

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In the production and processing process of carbon fiber composite materials, resin transfer molding process is the most used production and preparation method, and the most critical thing to produce carbon fiber products with good quality, high dimensional accuracy and complex structure is to process high-quality material molds.

       Resin transfer molding process is the use of low pressure molding, low pressure injection environment can choose FRP mold, aluminum mold, epoxy mold or wood mold, but in the high temperature curing process of the above material mold is easy to produce large poor accuracy, so in order to ensure the design accuracy, stainless steel mold is the best choice.


 So what are the specific requirements for the production of carbon fiber composite materials for processing molds?

1. There are upper and lower mold guidance, positioning device, mold locking mechanism, product stripping mechanism;

2.Due to the need to inject resin, the mold needs to have an injection port and an exhaust port, and the whole can be sealed. In the process of resin injection, there can be no air leakage, especially in the case of vacuum liposuction, the sealing of the mold directly affects the quality of carbon fiber products;

3.There is a certain heating device, the mold can be heated to a certain temperature (60-120°C), the mold surface temperature distribution is uniform, the temperature can be checked and adjusted.

4.Ensure that the mold has enough strength and stiffness, no deformation under injection pressure;

5.The mold cavity size is accurate, the upper and lower mold match is perfect, the mold surface surface accuracy is high;

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