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What are the unique properties of glassfiber rods?

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          In thermoplastic pultrusion, preheated continuous fiber bundles are drawn into an impregnator to completely saturate the fibers. The melt-impregnated reinforcement is then passed through a cooled mold to control shape, size, and finish, resulting in fiberglass rods.


Unique properties of glass fiber rods:

·Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic Transparency:FRP is EMI/RFI transparent, making it an ideal material for special applications where metallic parts cannot be used due to possible interference.

·Non-conductive:Pultruded fiberglass rods are an effective barrier to hot or live parts because they are electrically and thermally non-conductive.

·Lightweight:Pultruded fiberglass rods are 30% lighter than aluminum of the same strength and 70% lighter than steel.

·High dimensional stability and high tensile strength:Pultruded fiberglass strips retain their shape under humid or high-temperature conditions. These rods are very strong due to the continuous length of reinforcing fibers.

·Corrosion and chemical resistance:FRP rebar is not affected by oxidation or corrosion and is resistant to many chemicals.

·Durable and long life cycle:The life cycle of FRP can reach 75 to 150 years, with extremely low maintenance requirements and low maintenance costs. The manufacture of pultruded FRP products is energy efficient, requiring less heat, generating less waste, and causing less pollution.

·Impact Resistance:Fiberglass rods retain their shape when subjected to impact and will not permanently deform under working loads.

·Easy to handle, transport and install:Pultruded fiberglass rods are lightweight and durable, reducing material transportation costs. Plus, they can be cut and shaped with simple tools for easy installation. 

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