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What are the unique properties of forged carbon fiber?

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1. What is forged carbon fiber

Forged carbon fiber is a new type of carbon fiber processing. Unlike traditional pre-impregnated fiber and dry-rope carbon fiber, forged carbon fiber is formed by hot pressing rather than chemical reaction. Specifically, forged carbon fiber is formed by stacking carbon fibers together and forging under high temperature and pressure to form a new carbon fiber material with a permeable structure.

2. The production process of forged carbon fiber

The production process of forged carbon fiber is relatively complicated. First, carbon fiber is mixed with other materials to form a paste-like mixture, and then this mixture is put into a specific mold for compression and compression under high temperature and pressure. warm up. Next, forged steel is formed under specific pressure and temperature until a forged carbon fiber material with the desired shape and properties is formed. Finally, the forged carbon fibers are heat-treated to achieve the material's final properties, such as strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance.

3. Characteristics of forged carbon fiber

Forged carbon fiber has a variety of characteristics. First, it has a higher density, making it stronger, more durable and lighter than traditional carbon fiber. Secondly, the strength and stiffness of forged carbon fiber are much higher than traditional carbon fiber, and can easily withstand high-intensity pressure and tension. In addition, forged carbon fiber does not need to be coated with a protective film like traditional carbon fiber, because it already has good corrosion resistance.

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