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What are the performance advantages of thermoplastic carbon fiber artificial bone?

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When the human body is injured and the bone is damaged, it is necessary to implant the bone made of other materials into the human body to restore its normal working ability. The traditional implant is titanium alloy artificial bone. However, carbon fiber artificial bone is becoming more and more popular now. Among them, the PEEK matrix material product in thermoplastic carbon fiber has obvious performance advantages, because PEEK polyether ether ketone material is combined with carbon fiber. The material has very good biocompatibility and can bring better application performance after being implanted in the human body:

1. Good stability

Carbon fiber artificial bone has very good acid resistance, alkali resistance, and salt resistance, which makes it not damaged or deformed in the subsequent high-temperature sterilization process. In addition, long-term storage in the human body will not deteriorate, is not easy to degrade, and will not produce toxic products, and can maintain very good stability. 

2. Good mechanical properties

Carbon fiber material itself has high strength and low density. The artificial bone made of carbon fiber PEEK has a modulus similar to that of human bone. After being implanted in the body, it will not produce a large stress concentration and is not easy to deform when in contact with human bone.

carbon fiber artificial bone2

3. High biocompatibility

When the artificial bone is implanted into the human body and comes into contact with human cells, it is necessary to pay attention to the rejection reaction. The researchers first implanted artificial bones made of carbon fiber PEEK into dogs and rabbits for bone embedding experiments. It is found that the artificial bone made of carbon fiber PEEK can form a fibrous membrane, which has little effect on the body cells, the compatibility of bone tissue becomes better, and the actual use effect will be better.

The thermoplastic carbon fiber PEEK material has a very good effect on artificial bone implantation, is lighter in weight, and is more convenient and durable in actual use. Being able to take the lead in the field of medical devices with extremely high material requirements also shows that it has a reliable performance advantage.




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