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What are the excellent properties of carbon fiber cabinets? What can it be used for?

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Traditional cabinet products are mostly made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials. As time goes by, the level of technology continues to improve, and similarly, higher requirements are put forward for cabinet products.

  • Carbon fiber industry, the corners of the box are reinforced and thickened, giving the box unique characteristics of strong impact resistance, exceeding the limits of ordinary transport boxes; it is light and impact-resistant (performance is 4 times better than steel).

  •  Unique design, fireproof, more resistant to high temperatures, more waterproof, acid and alkali resistant and other superior properties.

  • Using high-quality sealing materials, product protection grade IP65;

  • Carbon fiber composite materials have the characteristics of being lightweight, high-strength, resistant to high temperature corrosion and not easy to deform. Compared with traditional material boxes, carbon fiber cabinets custom-processed using carbon fiber composite materials not only weigh less than traditional material cabinet products, but also are lighter in weight. It can still work normally when faced with many extreme environments.

  • The standard configuration is egg pit sponge and cut sponge, which enhances protection and is easy to use;

  • Widely used in various fields such as instruments, meters, military and police, fire protection, electronics, electricity, communications, aviation, chemical industry, nuclear power, exploration, scientific research, medical care, transportation, photography, etc.;

  • Suitable for airdrops, shipping, high and low temperature environments, rainy and snowy weather and humid environments to ensure the safety of the equipment and items in the box.

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