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What are the excellent properties of carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb panels?

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 Carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb panel is made of carbon fiber composite material board as skin and composite pressing with aluminum honeycomb core material. Its design principle is to use carbon fiber composite panels to provide sufficient strength, and the "I" beam structure formed by aluminum honeycomb between panels can improve bending strength, reduce mass, reduce the cost per unit volume, and weaken noise and noise. Vibration, increased heat resistance, anti-fatigue buckle fire resistance, etc.

The cross-sectional area of the solid part of the aluminum honeycomb is very small, so the density of the metal honeycomb is very low, and the specific surface area is very large, reaching 1000~40000/m³. Aluminum honeycomb material itself does not have heat insulation and sound insulation properties, but honeycomb aluminum panels have good heat insulation and sound insulation properties. In the aluminum honeycomb aluminum panel, the solid part only accounts for 1% to 3% of the volume, and the remaining space is filled with gas in a sealed state. Since the heat insulation and sound insulation properties of the gas are better than any solid material, the honeycomb aluminum panel has good heat insulation and Sound insulation performance.

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Furthermore, due to the special structure of the honeycomb, it has a large specific surface area. When sound waves contact the metal surface, they enter the holes of the honeycomb metal through diffuse reflection. The internal vibration of the metal converts the sound waves into heat energy, which can also play a silencing effect. At the same time, honeycomb metal can also shield electromagnetic waves. For example, military boxes and military cabins made of carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb panels can shield radar detection.

Since the core material of the carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb panel is an aluminum structure, it has good electrical conductivity and can effectively eliminate static electricity generated during the movement of vehicles such as trains, reducing safety hazards. At the same time, the aluminum honeycomb core has good thermal conductivity and can effectively and quickly conduct local high temperatures to ensure the stability of the honeycomb sandwich structure. Aluminum honeycomb is a non-combustible material that is used in places with dense flow of people, such as military shelters, train carriages, stadiums, etc. It increases the safety of facilities and the environment, and the sound insulation effect is also very good.

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