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What are the characteristics of chopped carbon fiber? What are the application fields?

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Product features of chopped carbon fiber

1. Use PAN carbon fiber chopped, excellent performance, aerospace quality;

2. No glue, good compatibility and good dispersion;

3. Low resistivity, good conductivity, small addition amount, cost saving and other advantages;

4. High strength and high modulus;

5. Make the product have good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic wave shielding, and improve thermal conductivity: 6. Small thermal expansion coefficient and high dimensional stability;

7. Improve fatigue resistance;

8. Improve wear resistance and lubricity.

The main application areas of chopped carbon fiber include:

Reinforced modified plastics: nylon (PA), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), phenolic (PF), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyimide (PI), etc.;

Construction field: carbon fiber reinforced cement, conductive coatings, anti-static floors, etc.;

Thermal insulation materials: carbon fiber reinforced refractory blanks and bricks, carbon fiber reinforced ceramics, etc.;

New energy field: fuel cell electrodes, etc.

Electric heating field: conductive paper, electric heating plate, conductive surface felt, needle felt, etc.;

Shielding materials: manufacturing shielding smoke, shielding curtain walls, etc.;

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