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What are the applications of carbon fiber in the field of stationery?

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     Most of the traditional sporting goods are made of wood and composite materials. With the prosperity of the cultural and sports industry, sporting goods are increasingly seeking the goal of lightweight and high rigidity. The mechanical properties of carbon fiber-reinforced composites are much higher than that of wood. Its specific strength and specific modulus are 4 times and 3 times that of fir, 3.4 times and 4.4 times that of sycamore. Therefore, it has been widely used in sporting goods, and its consumption almost accounts for about 40% of the total consumption of all carbon fibers.

   In terms of stationery and sports products, carbon fiber composite materials are mainly used in the following products:

1. Skis Snowboards made of carbon fiber composite materials are characterized by high rigidity, friction resistance, and less force on the soles of the feet in turns, slopes, and cross-country races. Ski poles made of carbon fiber are also famous in the sports world. It is characterized by high rigidity and is lightweight, generally only about 150 grams.

2. Badminton rackets The badminton rackets made of carbon fiber composite materials are light in weight and high in rigidity, which avoids the phenomenon of broken handles caused by insufficient rigidity of wooden products.


3. Golf clubs made of carbon fiber can reduce their weight by about 10-40%. According to the law of conservation of momentum, the ball can obtain a greater initial velocity. On the other hand, carbon fiber has high damping properties, which can make the hitting time longer and the ball is hit farther.

4. The tennis racket made of carbon fiber composite material is light and strong, with high rigidity and small strain, which can reduce the deviation of the ball and the racket; at the same time, the carbon fiber has good damping properties, which can prolong the contact time between the gut and the ball. Make the tennis ball get a greater acceleration. For example, the contact time of a wooden racket is 4.33 milliseconds; steel products are 4.09 milliseconds; carbon fiber is 4.66 milliseconds, and the corresponding initial speeds of the ball are 1.38 km/h, 149.6 km/h and 157.4 km/h.

     In addition, carbon fiber composite materials can also be used to manufacture spring plates for power sleds, ocean bows, arrows, jumping poles, ice hockey sticks, yachts, rowing boats, rowing oars, sailing masts, motorcycle parts, mountaineering supplies and Gliders, manned planes, etc.

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