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What are the advantages of using carbon fiber plates in sneakers?

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Carbon fiber has begun to be used in sports shoes and other sports fields due to its superior characteristics. What are the performance advantages of carbon fiber sneakers?

1.Give elasticity: Carbon fiber plates are used at the bottom of sneakers to make the sneakers more elastic and better assist athletes.

2.Effective support: There are many bones in the foot. The arch of the foot is like a bridge that supports the muscle tissue, transmits the force to the place of exertion, and has a buffering effect. The carbon fiber plates used in sneakers also serve this purpose.

3.Light weight: Carbon fiber boards are very light, which is not possible with plastic boards, TPU boards and other materials.

4.Protect ankles: Carbon fiber plates can share the pressure on the arches and ankles during strenuous exercise, reducing the chance of injury.

5.Stable and durable: Carbon fiber plates have good impact resistance, can provide better buffering force to human tissues during strenuous exercise, are not easily damaged, and are very durable.

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